YALTA Storymap Showcases Youth-led Agroecological Businesses Across East Africa

The YALTA Initiative has launched an agroecology story map to showcase the youth-led agroecological best practices which have been developed by the young entrepreneurs who’ve been trained through its programme.

Managed by Netherlands Food Partnership and funded through the IKEA Foundation, the YALTA initiative equips young people in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda with the fundamental and necessary job skills, to begin a business or career within the field of agroecology. The story map takes visitors on a documented journey using a series of case studies, to highlight some of the success stories, lessons learned and growing pains experienced by the young entrepreneurs whilst in the process of starting up their agroecological initiatives. The story map also enables the young entrepreneurs and other interested actors to connect with each other and share examples of best practice with one another.

The Story Map introduces 83 entrepreneurs, each of whom have participated in the YALTA mentorship programme and have subsequently started their own agroecological business. One of the key features of the map is the agroecology dashboard through which users can map the various locations and further information on each of the businesses via a map. The story map can be accessed HERE.

Please find the full press release HERE.