Vacancy – School Yoghurt Coordinator – Yoba for Life

Job Title:         School yoghurt coordinator
Reports to:     Country Representative, Yoba for Life Foundation
Location:         Addis Ababa
Duration:        One-year contract with possibility of extension
Deadline:        Apply before Friday August 20, 2021; 5:00PM
Apply to:, with updated CV and Cover Letter

The Yoba for Life Foundation is a not-for-profit international development organizational founded in the Netherlands in 2009; and conducts its main activities in Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia, while pilots in other countries are on their way (Kenya, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Nepal and Indonesia). The Yoba for Life concept aims at helping people in resource-poor countries by local production of a probiotic yogurt, called Yoba, with proven health benefits. Yoba has been active in Ethiopia since early 2020.

Yoba for Life’s unique asset is a tailor-made probiotic yoghurt starter culture. Yoba’s unique expertise is in using this culture to produce yoghurt, using a low-tech production protocol with widely proven applicability in the African context. Secondly, the foundation has unique applicable training material on running a small-scale yoghurt business, including advice on sourcing inputs, marketing, bookkeeping and financial management. Lastly, Yoba has experience with the introduction of probiotic yoghurt into the school diet.

Yoba for Life is currently looking for a School Yoghurt Coordinator to introduce school yoghurt program in Ethiopia. The consumption of this yoghurt is either paid by the parents themselves, or by outside donors. The  school yoghurt coordinator must therefore have excellent skills in mobilizing and motiving all stakeholders to come on board of this program.

Detailed job description with responsibilities and required qualifications is provided HERE.