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Vacancy: “Production Coordinator” for YOBA FOR LIFE FOUNDATION

Assignment Description

Assignment Title:   Production Coordinator
Reports to:   Africa Coordinator, Yoba for life foundation.
Location:   SNV Addis Ababa office, Bole
Duration:   Two (2) months consultancy function, with possibility of extension into full-time employment
Start:   11th March 2020

Strategic Function:

The production coordinator work with retailers of fresh and fermented milk to start yoghurt businesses in the target areas, and closely monitors and coaches small and growing businesses to achieve the goals of the Yoba for life Foundation. The production units are guided in probiotic yoghurt production in conformity with the national standards. Subsequently, the production units will be trained and coached to commercialize and market their product, and putting proper bookkeeping and financial management systems in place.

Secondly, the production coordinator will work with existing medium-scale yoghurt producers to adopt the use of Yoba culture, which will enable these producers to produce a health promoting product and create impact at scale.

The Yoba For Life Foundation production coordinator will ensure successful, innovative, efficient, and effective functioning of all probiotic yoghurt producers in the program through production of high-quality probiotic yoghurt, effective use of applicable marketing techniques and proper financial management.



  1. Contextualize and complement the different training packages/modules, business plan models and training materials of Yoba for Life.
  2. In close coordination with SNV, select and asses suitable entities for yoghurt production in the selected areas, taking into account the motivation of the potential producer, previous experience in milk business and milk processing, structures and technologies already in place, and opportunities at the demand side.
  3. Train selected production units on the production of probiotic yoghurt that meets national standards.
  4. Continuously coach, guide and build capacity of production units on solving quality issues and building capacity of production unit members in this area.
  5. Support production units on acquiring packaging material and accessing inputs for their probiotic yoghurt business.
  6. Ensure that there is constant and continuous production and supply of quality yoghurt to the market.
  7. Facilitate PUs to apply for the marketing and production support grant program of SNV/TIDE.
  8. In close coordination with the distributor of Yoba culture in Ethiopia, maintain a robust supply chain for yoba culture in the producing areas.


  1. Provide support to probiotic yoghurt producers in exploring business opportunities along the probiotic yoghurt value chain.
  2. In collaboration with SNV business advisors, provide support to probiotic yoghurt producers in preparing actionable business plans, track the implementation, evaluate bottlenecks and provide solutions to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the probiotic yoghurt producers.
  3. Provide support in establishing and facilitating market structures (e.g., milk collection, processing facilities, distribution, etc.)
  4. Coordinate the support to yoghurt producers in the process of product quality/safety certification and registration with the appropriate regulatory authorities like FMHACA.


  1. Build the capacity of the management of the trained entrepreneurs in effective and efficient decision making, financial management, human resource management, operation and strategic planning and implementation, possibly by organizing inter-group workshops.
  2. Facilitate inter-group interactions between the yoghurt producing groups such as exchange visits and information sharing platforms
  3. Coordinate and build up linkages and networks with the appropriate policy makers and other stakeholders


  1. Keep an updated producer track sheet, timely and regular reporting
  2. Collaborate with other partners and stakeholders and market the Yoba concept to potential Government and non-governmental organizations
  3. Serve as a team motivator in the Yoba for Life programs.
  4. Seek continued growth in the knowledge of Yoba for Life programs and support the organization interests.
  5. Perform other job-related responsibilities as requested by the supervisor.

Preferred Requirements:

A Bachelor’s Degree in food technology, dairy technology, food microbiology or a related field is preferred, plus three (3) years of experience in the food sector as well as in business administration. Other job-related education and/or experience may be substituted for all or part of these requirements.

Most Critical Proficiencies:

  1. Knowledge of and experience in food production and the dairy value chain
  2. Knowledge of and experience with or within community organizations
  3. Hand on experience in business plan development
  4. Knowledge of and experience of working with the private sector
  5. Knowledge of the non-profit sector and the context in which non-profit organizations operate
  6. Hands on experience in adult training
  7. Practical experience in setting up and thus nurturing small and medium scale enterprises with special emphasis on cottage-based food processing.
  8. Fluent in national language/s and English, both spoken and written
  9. Good qualities to train, educate and coach groups and individuals
  10. Good communication skills
  11. Excellent organizational skills including strong attention to detail
  12. Skills with Microsoft Office Suite, internet browser, and other appropriate technology

Essential Job Functions and Physical Demands:

  1. Motivated to work responsibly with little supervision
  2. Ability to meet and deal with others in a courteous and tactful manner
  3. Produce and present adequate reports
  4. Constant face-to-face, telephone and electronic communication with colleagues and the general public
  5. Constant sitting, standing and walking, with occasional bending and lifting; may work at a computer for extended periods of time
  6. Sound judgment, professionalism and a positive attitude with the ability to demonstrate a high degree of honesty and integrity
  7. Ability and willingness to work with a flexible schedule
  8. Willingness and ability to travel extensively, using public means.

Deadline to apply – 20th March 2020 at 17:00 East African time.

Send your CV and Motivation letter to:
Copy: assegid.gedamu@fs-ethiopia.cocm

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