Dairy Value Chains Development for Pastoralist Communities in Borena

We are participating in this project entitled “Developing Inclusive and Profitable Dairy Value Chains for Pastoralist Communities in Borena Zone”, as co-implementer with our consortium partners CST Ethiopia, CIFA, and OPA.

The three-year project is funded by Jersey Overseas AID (JOA), with the objective of enhancing livelihoods of dairy producing pastoralist and agro-pastoralist women and their households in the district of Moyale, Borena zone.

John Otini, Consultant at F&S and MSD Trainer

Among the many project activities by partners and stakeholders, our team of consultants conducted Market Systems Development (MSD) training earlier this month. The training held in Yabello with 34 participants from project stakeholders, such as Government partners, NGOs, Banks, MFIs, as well as CIFA and OPA.

The MSD support will continue further and will successfully facilitate the linkage between the dairy producers and the dairy value chain actors, including in the private sector, Government agencies and other entities working along the dairy value chain.

By the end of the project implementation, the dairy market system in Moyale will be strengthened in ways that empower women socially and economically and that conserve the eco-system.