Fair & Sustainable (F&S) Ethiopia is a social enterprise working towards achieving inclusive and sustainable development. It is a subsidiary of Fair & Sustainable Consulting based in the Netherlands. Registered in Ethiopia in 2009 as a business development consultancy company, F&S comprises a team of competent national and international consultants. F&S Ethiopia is active now in other countries like Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan providing diverse consultancy services in various development endeavours.

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    Since 2009 F&S is providing diverse business development consultancy services. Just a little below, take a look at the major kinds of services we have been providing for the last decade.


    We support development actors, private businesses, government organizations, and knowledge institutions with diversified consultancy services. Development achieves impact when done in collaboration with all relevant actors, and we provide our services with the objective of cultivating and sustaining wider collaborations. Below are insights to our services.


    Selection | Analysis | Development


    We are actively working with our clients to identify, analyze and develop sustainable value chains that are economically, socially, and environmentally sound; while ensuring benefits are fairly distributed among the chain actors who forge a lasting relationship with clear value addition.


    Integration | Gender Tools


    Mainstreaming and integration of gender perspectives is the fundamental approach that we follow to create awareness and capacity of development partners in their program delivery. Practical tools that focus on empowerment of women are widely applied in different sectors.


    Skill development | Job creation


    We study existing bottlenecks and opportunities for urban and rural youth job creation. Through conducting operational and strategic labour market studies, we provide tangible recommendations that are actionable and viable. Skills development, entrepreneurship, and employment generation are the basic components in this trajectory.


    Loan Product | Value Chain Finance


    We work towards enabling smallholders and producer cooperatives meet their need for financial services. We develop financial products (value chain and input financing) thereby creating access to finance for smallholder farmers. We facilitate linkages with relevant microfinance institutions, and negotiate for better terms & conditions on behalf of these farmers.

    Training & Coaching

    Customized | On-Farm

    Training & Coaching

    We provide customized trainings on various topics, including MSD, Value chain development, Gender in value chains, Cooperative management, and Financial literacy. We also provide on-farm coaching services. Advisory service in program design and general business development is also an important segment of our engagements with several partner organizations.

    Market System Development

    Systemic Change | Capacity Building

    Market System Development (MSD)

    We follow the MSD approach in all our undertakings, to bring about sustainable change in the entire market ecosystem. We build the capacity of our partners to fully and effectively implement MSD programs that aim at improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

    Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning

    Assessment | Study | Digital Data

    Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning

    We conduct impact studies and project evaluations by using digital data collection/analysis tools; and actively engaged in generating and sharing of key learning. We work with a pool of qualified qualitative and quantitative data analysts.

    Knowledge Management

    Documentation | Dissemination

    Knowledge Management

    We provide documentation services that aim at capitalizing the experience of development partners, through formulating and disseminating lessons. In such a way, we create and manage practical knowledge that will increase effectiveness of project implementations.

    Admin Support & Facilitation

    Project Management | Hosting

    Admin Support & Facilitation

    We offer operational & interim management services to different agencies in the areas of - organizational (re) design, finance and administration, strategic advises, multi-stakeholder development (processes) and other logistical supports.

    OUR priorities

    With more than a decade experience in supporting development efforts, we have fine-tuned our approaches and priorities in delivering impactful consultancy services. The following are our key priorities that also go inline with our approaches and aspirations in our contribution to a wider development impact.


    We identify and analyze value chains within market systems and include those actors who are decisive for success to help smallholder farmers and producers thrive with the system.


    We support not-for-profit development organizations, private companies, and knowledge institutions to work on fair, sustainable and inclusive economic development in developing countries.


    We aim for long-lasting and sustainable solutions that enable people to build their own capacities and enhance their lives.


    We create and maintain development networks to work together with our international consultants to offer you tailor-made and contextualized support and advice.


    We make use of all available local knowledge and capacities, to achieve the greatest impact, now and in the future.


    In all our economic development efforts, achieving food and nutrition security has been the core element.